My First Designer Dolls: Captain Hook and Peter Pan

Today I was really lucky to go to the Disney Store and try my hand at the raffle for the latest limited edition doll set. From the Fairytale Designer Collection of Heroes and Villains, Peter Pan and Captain Hook were released today. Since there are only 6000 available worldwide, it’s not easy to get ahold of these dolls. Some were sold at D23, others were released for preorder online last month which I missed. And resellers on eBay can drive up the price two or three times the original!

Official art from the Disney Store
Official art from the Disney Store

However, individual stores also get a small set of dolls on release day, and these are made available through a raffle system. At noon, everyone who wants a doll puts their name in a box. Around 1:10, the store employees draw names to determine who can buy the dolls. So depending on how many dolls versus how many customers are at each store, your chances can vary.
My local store had 18 dolls. Over 20 put their names in for the raffle; however, many people brought friends to increase their chances, and only wanted one doll, so after they got one, the others withdrew their names. My wife graciously came with me. Her name was draw #6, so we got the doll!

The dolls out of their case.
The dolls out of their case.

I am so happy with this set. It’s special not only for being my first but also for the rarity of these characters. There are no regular Captain Hook or Peter Pan dolls. Captain Hook is my favorite villain (because he is a pirate, and he has ‘good form’). Peter Pan is my daughter’s favorite character. We’re sharing this set together, and I’m sure we’ll cherish it for years to come.
The level of detail in these sets is just incredible. From the embroidery on their clothes, to the carefully sculpted and painted details, to the custom display case they’re kept in, everything has been meticulously designed. It’s worth the money to have these sets, I think. This makes me even more excited for future sets.

One problem, though, is that the set is actually difficult to open. I don’t have any experience with previous Designer Dolls, so I was really baffled at first. Eventually, I found a video tutorial on how to open these boxes, and my husband helped me carefully extract them. It took some time, though–much more than a typical doll!

Peter Pan's impish smile
Peter Pan’s impish smile
Captain Hook's dashing mustache
Captain Hook’s dashing mustache

Captain Hook’s hat was not originally attached to his head inside the box. I removed it from the plastic casing and then used the original holes to thread a piece of rubber band that had been attaching one of the dolls, and managed to get it on his head pretty well.

The epic battle
The epic battle

I also moved Peter Pan’s sword from his left hand to his right. He’s not left-handed in the movie.

Peter Pan's pointed ears
Peter Pan’s pointed ears
The name plate on the case
The name plate on the case

And I love that Tinker Bell is also included! The way she flies over the fighting pair is just perfect.

The dolls still in the case.
The dolls still in the case.

I picked up a few Classic dolls at the store as well because they were on sale. Normally $16.95, today the dolls were $14.50 each and if you bought one, the second was only one dollar. So I picked up four! I’ll share them tomorrow.


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