Holiday Belle

2015 Holiday Barbie
2015 Holiday Barbie

You may remember this picture from my store post a few months ago. I recently got the 2015 Holiday Barbie at Target. As you can see, the original price is $42.99. However, a few weeks ago she went on sale for $10 off. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this doll because I only wanted her dress, but I was afraid that she would sell out before the holidays, so I picked her up before Black Friday happened.

I hoped that the deep red color would work well on my Belle doll, similar to the Red Riding Hood costume that I made for Halloween. And I wasn’t disappointed.


For fun, I tried posing her in the original box. Her hair got a little messed up when she was inside, but she looks quite beautiful in the winter snow scene. Pictures don’t do this dress justice. The deep red color is so gorgeous and it looks just like something Belle would wear.

The only part of the original outfit that didn’t work were the earrings. They are removable from Barbie, but my Belle doll lacks pierced ears. I didn’t want to risk making the holes myself, so she goes without the earrings. (Not pictured, but the shoes fit well.)


The fireplace and the room are part of a diorama that I’m currently working on. I’m making a library for Belle! I’ve been repainting furniture and I made the walls and flooring for a diorama that folds flat for storage. The only thing that I’m missing are bookshelves, but that’s the most important part of a library, so it’s not ready for full viewing yet.


Belle is waiting for her Beast for Christmas . . .

I’ll let you in on a secret. I was buying my family presents from the Disney Store online, and I couldn’t resist getting a pair of dolls myself. Beast and Tinker Bell are already on their way to my house. But Belle doesn’t know this yet, so it will be a surprise. I can’t wait to take pictures of the two of them together.

Here’s a preview of something special I have coming up for December. I was looking for an advent calendar, and I saw this special Barbie calendar online! I’ll be taking pictures as I open it each day. I won’t tell you exactly what’s inside, but it’s not candy. It will be a special surprise for my dolls.


Barbie advent calendar
Barbie advent calendar

Be sure to check back every day to find out what I get!