Advent: Day 1


Happy December! The holiday season is here, and my house is full of preparations for Christmas. I’m counting down the days. And what better way to count down til Christmas than with an advent calendar?

Here to help me open each day are Ariel and Anna! Both of them are so excited to see what’s inside this special calendar. I couldn’t choose who would get the new surprises, so I decided to let them share. Are you ready?


The girls approach the advent calendar. Anna reaches out and touches it. “What do you think is inside?”

Ariel thinks for a minute. “Maybe thingamabobs! Or some gizmos? I always want more fun things.”

Anna looks sidelong at Ariel. “What? Um, okay, let’s just open one and find out.”


Ariel finds day 1. “Let me just pry it open.”


Slowly, Ariel opens the door . . .


“Oh!” Ariel says. “It’s a–what’s that word again?”

“A purse,” Anna reminds her. “Take it out!”


Ariel tries the new purse on her arm. “It reminds me of a pink bag that I had when I lived under the sea,” she says with a smile. “I used it to collect things. What do you think?”

Anna admires it. “It’s rather cute, but it could use a few details to really make it pop. Maybe gold on the clasp, and a contrasting color for the trim. We’ll have to paint it.”


The girls set the new purse up on the mantle. They can’t wait to see what else is inside.

Come back tomorrow to see another door of the advent calendar opened!