Advent: Day 2


It’s time for a new day of the advent calendar! Ariel and Anna are already peeking to see what’s inside the new door.


Crouching down on her hands and knees, Anna reaches out to find door number 2.


She slowly pulls the door open . . .


“Another purse,” Anna says, holding it up to show Ariel.

Ariel looks down at it. “It’s all shimmery and shiny, like a seashell,” she says, touching it.

“Or like the snow,” Anna says. “I guess there’s one for each of us, now.”

Ariel shrugs. “Or we can trade them to whatever one matches our outfit. I don’t mind sharing.”

Anna grins. “You just have to have every doodad you can find, huh?”


The white purse is so shiny that it’s hard to photograph all of the details. The clutch is quite delicate. It would look nice with a formal outfit.


Anna stands up and lets Ariel take a closer look at the white purse. Just like all shiny things, Ariel is mesmerized by it.


The white purse sits on the mantle.

Come back tomorrow for another advent door!

A behind-the-scenes shot from today: my cat Yuri walks through the middle of the scene. She loves to lick my dolls’ dresses, so she often tries to interrupt me when I’m taking pictures.