Advent: Day 3

Are you ready for another advent calendar? I’m excited to see what’s behind today’s door, and so are the girls!


It’s Ariel’s turn to open the door today. She’s glad that number three is in an easier spot to reach than yesterday’s.


Ariel reaches for the third door.


She opens the door and finds something new. “It’s shoes!” Ariel says. “So lucky that I have legs now and I can wear these.”


Ariel goes to pull out the shoes. “I bet these would match my pink dress.”

“You should try them on,” Anna says.


Ariel sits down on the couch and pulls on the shoes. “They’re pretty detailed,” she says.

Anna squees over the shoes. “They’re just adorable! I love them on you.”


A close up of the shoes.


The girls put the shoes up on the mantle and wait for the next day.

Behind the scenes shot for the day: this time, Yuri was polite and watched while I took pictures. She didn’t get in the way at all.