Advent: Day 4

It’s time for another advent calendar! Let’s see what the girls open up today.


Today is Anna’s turn to open the door. She looks for number four.

(Note: I didn’t realize until I went back and edited these photos that I accidentally opened day 6 instead of day 4! I meant to open 4, which is right below 6. It’s too late to change it, so I’ll go back and open this door on day 6.)


Anna reaches inside the door and pulls out something pink and sparkly. “I think it might be a top!” she says. “I didn’t know that there were any clothes inside.”


Anna pulls it out and holds it up. “Actually, it must be a dress. You should try it on. You look good in pink.”

Ariel touches the fabric. “Pink and red? It’s like it was made for me!”


Ariel tries on the new dress. It fits her perfectly, and it looks great with her bright red hair. “How do I look?” she asks, striking a pose.

Anna claps her hands together. “Oh, you look awesome! You should try it with all of the things we got before!”


Ariel grabs the pink shoes and the red purse off the mantle. Sure enough, they match the outfit.

“Wow, you look great,” Anna says. “Like you’re all ready for a night at the club, or maybe to walk down the runway!”


Anna grabs the other purse off the mantle, and the two friends pose together in front of the fireplace. Don’t they look fabulous?

That’s all the pictures I have for today. Check back tomorrow to see what they get next!