Advent: Day 5


Ariel and Anna are all ready to open the next door of the advent calendar. Do you want to see what it is?


Door number five is on the bottom row. It’s Ariel’s turn to open the door. “I’m not getting down on my hands and knees like you,” she tells Anna. “I’ll just sit here and I can reach it just fine.”

Anna is lounging in the chair and watching. “That’s fine by me, so long as you open it.”


Ariel reaches for the door . . .


She opens it up and Anna peeks inside. “Is it empty?” she asks. “I can’t really see anything.”


Ariel opens the door wider and takes a closer look. “No, see, there’s something here. The white just blends into the background. But it’s something round.”

“I think it’s a belt,” Anna says. “How weird.”


Ariel stands up and carries the belt over to show Anna. “Well, it’s that same shiny material that you liked in the purse,” she says. “Let me try it on.”


Anna shows off the belt. “It’s a little big,” she says. “I don’t think it really goes with this outfit.”

“It still looks cute,” Ariel says. “Maybe we can find something else that it matches.”

The girls think about some options that they can try another day.


The girls put the belt up on the mantle for now and wait for the next door tomorrow.

Come back to see what they open next!